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When you need to feed a movie crew, you need a catering service with experience and an attention to detail. Final Cut Catering is your choice for motion picture catering. Based in Atlanta, GA. We work worldwide to feed your crew with outstanding food and unparalleled service.



Outstanding Catered Food


Final Cut Catering has the skills to appease the most varied crew. Dietary and culinary needs are no problem. We'll ensure we provide delicious meals that meet your crew's dietary standards. We prepare different cuisines including:


      • Italian

      • Southern

      • American Fusion

      • Asian

      • Thai

      • Cajun






Unparalleled Service


Having the same crew working together over the past 12 years has made us a fine-tuned machine. We are able to identify the needs of your crew, whatever they may be, and pride ourselves on attending to them without being asked—it's like a sixth sense to us.



Unique Approach


When you have the same customers coming to the same table every day, you want to do something unique for them. We go to great lengths to provide an enjoyable dining experience away from the set.



Our caterers go the extra mile for our customers, providing an escape from the grueling job of movie making. When available, we can bring in bands, arcade games, ping pong tables, and specialty food stations.

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