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Final Cut Catering is a catering service based in Atlanta, Georgia with an additional presence in  South Carolina, Louisiana, New Mexico, and California. We specialize in providing delicious food for the motion picture and television industry. Turn to us for a catering company that offers delicious food and meets all your crew's special dietary needs

We Work With Budgets


While we strive to be the best catering experience you and your crew can have, we do understand that you have to work within a budget. Let us work with you to provide the highest quality food that fits your budget.

Chef Owned and Operated


With more than 22 years of motion picture catering experience, we can, without a doubt provide some of the most unique and exciting catering/dining experiences.


Our owner received his culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America and considers food and the motion picture industry two of his foremost passions.


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